Seva Water first got into farming in Perryville, Arkansas while living in agricultural community.  After several seasons of weaving education and ecological sensibility along with farming internships in South Central Pennsylvania she returned to Western Massachusetts to find a home place to dig in.  In 2012 she began learning from and working with refugee and immigrant farmers in Greater Springfield and Worcester, providing technical assistance and managing a community farm CSA.  She also began submersing herself in locally-abundant expertise and enthusiasm around ecological agriculture, agroforestry, and indigenous ways of relating to the land.  Her meanderings brought her to the 2014 Northeast Permaculture Convergence in Unity, Maine, where she met Kalyan and (quickly) agreed to join hands.  Seva has since worked in landscaping, food service, a rural grocery cooperative, local political campaign, and local community development agency and helped start-up the Hilltown Mobile Market, an online local food marketplace.  She is passionate about building soil, eating food and connecting people to place.

Kalyan Water is a collector of skills and a dreamer, looking for ways to live lighter and help regenerate this planet. With a very alternative upbringing focused on food and spirituality, Kalyan embodies a desire to give not just people but all things the respect that life deserves. His thirst to holistically understand the world and its people has accompanied him throughout his life and the many different places he has lived and traveled. In previous incarnations, Kalyan has worked as a carpenter, massage therapist, bookseller, cook, arborist, and animal husband, among others, choosing to be schooled through life experience rather than books or experts. The hilltowns of western Massachusetts have been long been his grounding place and it is a pleasure to finally come home to Cummington with Seva.